Igloofest 2014

This winter I played visuals at Montreal’s infamous Igloofest outdoor music festival, one night with Alex from Tokyo and another with Mayssam. The new Videotron stage was a giant enclosure made up of stacked cargo containers, creating the largest projection surface I’ve worked with to date. It was loads of fun and I got to showcase some all new material.

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And here’s a video retrospective of the event:

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MUTEK_IMG 2013 was the first edition of a new visuals-centric festival in Montreal. I had the opportunity to participate by giving a talk at a VJ showcase featuring many of Montreal’s talented visual artists.  I also performed visuals live along with Mateo Murphy for the closing night of the event. This was definitely my most high-profile performance as I was up on stage instead of in the back of the room where the VJ usually resides. We setup OSC communication between Mateo’s Ableton Live setup and Oculon for better synchronization. This was also one of the first major performances I did using only real-time rendered content.

Mateo Murphy and EWERX at MUTEK_IMG 2013

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Festival Nemo 2013

In November 2013, I was invited to play visuals at the opening night of Festival Nemo in Paris with Laurel Halo and Electric Indigo. This was my first international gig, and also the most technically challenging. I had to output at 3840x1080 resolution to two projectors. Even with a recent computer upgrade, my machine was barely able to handle running both Resolume and Oculon at this resolution, so I had to keep layers and effects to a minimum. The video was output using a Matrox DualHead2Go, which creates a virtual monitor but outputs separately to the 2 projectors.

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