MUTEK_IMG 2013 was the first edition of a new visuals-centric festival in Montreal. I had the opportunity to participate by giving a talk at a VJ showcase featuring many of Montreal’s talented visual artists.  I also performed visuals live along with Mateo Murphy for the closing night of the event. This was definitely my most high-profile performance as I was up on stage instead of in the back of the room where the VJ usually resides. We setup OSC communication between Mateo’s Ableton Live setup and Oculon for better synchronization. This was also one of the first major performances I did using only real-time rendered content.

Mateo Murphy and EWERX at MUTEK_IMG 2013

Mateo Murphy and EWERX at MUTEK_IMG 2013Mateo Murphy and EWERX at MUTEK_IMG 2013MUTEK_IMG VJ Showcase

I am very happy to see a festival with more focus on visuals, it was a great opportunity to see the work of other visual artists and get technical with talks and workshops. Big thanks to MUTEK_IMG and Centre PHI for putting on an excellent event. I look forward to future editions of MUTEK_IMG.

Update: Video of my VJ showcase presentation (at 31:29):