Festival Nemo 2013

In November 2013, I was invited to play visuals at the opening night of Festival Nemo in Paris with Laurel Halo and Electric Indigo. This was my first international gig, and also the most technically challenging. I had to output at 3840x1080 resolution to two projectors. Even with a recent computer upgrade, my machine was barely able to handle running both Resolume and Oculon at this resolution, so I had to keep layers and effects to a minimum. The video was output using a Matrox DualHead2Go, which creates a virtual monitor but outputs separately to the 2 projectors.

I followed Ryoichi Kurokawa, who performed one of the most striking audio-visual shows I have ever seen. I prepared material to fit Laurel Halo’s latest album, Chance of Rain, sticking to monochrome colors and minimalistic patterns. For Electric Indigo I let loose a bit more. As my hardware could barely keep up with rendering in real-time at such high resolutions, I commissioned some help from Diagraf, who generated some high-resolution video content to use along with Oculon.

The rest of the festival was also very interesting, showcasing many new media artworks and installations at the impressive Cent Quatre arts venue. It was a privilege to take part in this event, and getting flown to Paris to VJ wasn’t too shabby either.