Liquid Architecture

An audio-visual collaboration between Wiklow, Diagraf and EWERX, Liquid Architecture approaches generative composition in an immersive environment. Combining LIDAR data and creative modeling, real-world buildings and structures and imaginary landscapes are displaced and reconstructed point-by-point in a 3D immersive projection environment.

This project was conceived and developed under the artist-in-residence program at the Société des arts technologiques in Montréal. It was in development for most of the year, and multiple iterations were produced and presented in a variety of formats. This was the most challenging visuals project I have worked on, mainly because we used new and unfamiliar tools and techniques, which involved much experimentation and exploration. I learned a great deal and am very grateful for the privilege to work with my talented collaborators, Michael Dean (Wiklow) and Patrick Trudeau (Diagraf).

Refer to Wiklow’s excellent write-up for a more in-depth look at the project, the artistic vision and technical implementation.  

Liquid Architecture performances/presentations: