This year the MUTEK and ELEKTRA festivals joined forces as EM15. It was a week-long audio-visual extravaganza, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate. I performed four separate shows, which really pushed my limits. On Friday, May 30, SWACK took us to the moon and beyond the stars and Alicia Hush got all the juices flowing to close the night. Saturday night at the MAC, Fake_Electronics took us on a mind-bending journey; I particularly enjoyed playing this set. Later that evening I accompanied the ambient soundscapes of Chat Noir.

SWACK at EM15 / Photo Credit: SWACK

I thoroughly enjoyed all the music I got to work with, and most importantly, I had the chance to perform alongside friends. A big thanks to SWACK, Alicia Hush, and Fake_Electronics for meeting up for practice and working with me as we all prepared for the festival. This helped me create some new material for each artist, to match their music and give each show a different feel. This year’s MUTEK was quite a treat.

Alicia Hush at EM15 / Photo by Jesse Morrison

Fake_Electronics at EM15