MUTEK_IMG 2013 was the first edition of a new visuals-centric festival in Montreal. I had the opportunity to participate by giving a talk at a VJ showcase featuring many of Montreal’s talented visual artists.  I also performed visuals live along with Mateo Murphy for the closing night of the event. This was definitely my most high-profile performance as I was up on stage instead of in the back of the room where the VJ usually resides. We setup OSC communication between Mateo’s Ableton Live setup and Oculon for better synchronization. This was also one of the first major performances I did using only real-time rendered content.

Mateo Murphy and EWERX at MUTEK_IMG 2013Mateo Murphy and EWERX at MUTEK_IMG 2013Mateo Murphy and EWERX at MUTEK_IMG 2013MUTEK_IMG VJ Showcase

I am very happy to see a festival with more focus on visuals, it was a great opportunity to see the work of other visual artists and get technical with talks and workshops. Big thanks to MUTEK_IMG and Centre PHI for putting on an excellent event. I look forward to future editions of MUTEK_IMG.

Update: Video of my VJ showcase presentation (at 31:29):

28. February 2014 by ehsan
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Festival Nemo 2013

In November 2013, I was invited to play visuals at the opening night of Festival Nemo in Paris with Laurel Halo and Electric Indigo. This was my first international gig, and also the most technically challenging. I had to output at 3840×1080 resolution to two projectors. Even with a recent computer upgrade, my machine was barely able to handle running both Resolume and Oculon at this resolution, so I had to keep layers and effects to a minimum. The video was output using a Matrox DualHead2Go, which creates a virtual monitor but outputs separately to the 2 projectors.

I followed Ryoichi Kurokawa, who performed one of the most striking audio-visual shows I have ever seen. I prepared material to fit Laurel Halo’s latest album, Chance of Rain, sticking to monochrome colors and minimalistic patterns. For Electric Indigo I let loose a bit more. As my hardware could barely keep up with rendering in real-time at such high resolutions, I commissioned some help from Diagraf, who generated some high-resolution video content to use along with Oculon.

The rest of the festival was also very interesting, showcasing many new media artworks and installations at the impressive Cent Quatre arts venue. It was a privilege to take part in this event, and getting flown to Paris to VJ wasn’t too shabby either.

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MUTEK Montreal 2013

I had the opportunity to play visuals along with some amazing artists this summer at MUTEK Montreal. At Metropolis, the stage was setup with a large screen with triangle-shaped layers. For the SAT I coded a custom module in Oculon to play on The Grid light wall created by Iregular.

NOCTURNE 2: Deadbeat at SAT (with projections by TIND)

Nocturne 2 - Deadbeat by DC - DSC_1616

NOCTURNE 4: Cloudface at Metropolis

Mutek 2013 NOCTURNE 4 Cloudface-18331.jpg

NOCTURNE 4: Laurel Halo at Metropolis

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I’ve been spending a lot of time writing code, which hasn’t left a lot of time for writing blog posts, so now it’s time for a sweeping update to cover all the work I’ve done in the past few months. Photo copyright Miguel Legualt I continue to develop my visualization engine, Oculon, using cinder. The focus has shifted from generating video content to creating a live performance system. In collaboration with Diagraf, we’ve created a hybrid setup that combines the output of Oculon with Resolume, allowing us to mix real-time generative content with video. We’ve used this setup to perform at several shows, most recently at Metropolis for MUTEK. I also used it solo for the first time to provide visuals for an RTS.FM podcast featuring Orbital Mechanics. This is a continual work in progress, with efforts divided between creating new visuals, improving the tech under the hood, and streamlining the user interface for live performance. Following is a summary of some of the work in these areas. Continue Reading →

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The Satosphere is a 360 degree dome display located at the top of the Société des Arts Technoloqiue (SAT) building in Montréal.

This March for Montréal’s annual Nuit Blanche festival, Diagraf performed inside the dome and I had the opportunity to generate some pre-rendered clips for him using the visualization engine I am building.

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Essential Free OS X Apps

Since I recently setup a new computer, I had the chance to take inventory of all the software I use. I try a lot of different applications to find the best for each task, and I prefer free and open-source software whenever possible. Here’s my current list of must-have free applications for Mac OS X, in no particular order. Continue Reading →

26. January 2012 by ehsan
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Creative Coding Frameworks

When I started working on the visualizer project, before I even had the idea for Orbiter in my head, I only had a vague notion of what I wanted to do and no idea how to do it. I hadn’t done any hobby programming for a while, so I started by looking into what tools I could use.  Continue Reading →

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MacBook Pro Upgrades

I just got a new MacBook Pro today, turned it on once to make a Lion Recovery Disk thumb drive, then proceeded to unscrew the bottom to perform some organ transplants.
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28. November 2011 by ehsan
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Last weekend Orbital Mechanics played at Deepfield, and used a simulator/visualizer I developed for them as part of the visuals for the show. I call it the Orbiter. Here it is in action for the first time:

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21. November 2011 by ehsan
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Now I git it!

I’ve been using Perforce daily for 6 years now, and I’ve also used Subversion, Rational ClearCase and Visual SourceSafe. I’m quite proficient and comfortable with Perforce, even though it still drives me mad sometimes; but after two days of using git properly, I never want to go back to anything else. Continue Reading →

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