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Orbital Mechanics in the Satosphere

On February 27, 2016, Orbital Mechanics performed a live immersive AV show in the Satosphere at SAT for Nuit Blanche. This was our first show in a dome and my first VJ performance in one. Much of the content I … Continue reading

03. April 2016 by ehsan
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Essential Free OS X Apps

Since I recently setup a new computer, I had the chance to take inventory of all the software I use. I try a lot of different applications to find the best for each task, and I prefer free and open-source … Continue reading

26. January 2012 by ehsan
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MacBook Pro Upgrades

I just got a new MacBook Pro today, turned it on once to make a Lion Recovery Disk thumb drive, then proceeded to unscrew the bottom to perform some organ transplants.

28. November 2011 by ehsan
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Like me, you probably have login accounts all over the place. You can bet there are always hackers out there trying to get into those accounts. Yes, it happens, and anybody with a Playstation Network account has learned this the … Continue reading

13. October 2011 by ehsan
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Android and iTunes

When I switched from iPhone to Android, one of the major issues was integration with iTunes. Obviously the iPhone works seamlessly with iTunes, but Apple decided to be jerks and went out of their way to make it difficult to … Continue reading

28. September 2011 by ehsan
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